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About eSolar

eSolar is solar power provider. We make clean energy available to homeowners, businesses, schools, non-profits and government organizations at a lower cost than they pay for energy generated by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas.

Our approach is to install systems to the highest engineering standards while making the switch simple for our customers. We’ve revolutionized the way energy is delivered by giving customers a cleaner, more affordable alternative to their monthly utility bill.

7 thoughts on “About eSolar

  1. Klaus Brenner Reply

    what international certificates you have for you LED tubes T8 ?
    regards, Klaus

  2. Jeric Lee Reply


    Good Day!

    May I request for a quotation on your solar products. Please send it thru my provided mail.
    I’d like to introduce your products here in our country. I would expect for an immediate response.



  3. BASHIR Reply

    I NEED TO BUY 2 PCS OF #SPS1000 Solar Power System.


  4. Akbar Mirza Reply

    Are you from China? please contact me as soon as possible on my given email address, i need to to know the prices, warranty, MOQ, delivery time etc for solar power DC systems and others as well

  5. Steven Adoghe Reply


    Please, kindly send you price list on your portable and mobile solar power systems

    Steven Adoghe
    Stadas Systems Limited,
    Abuja, Nigeria.

  6. Peter Omondi Reply

    Dear esolar,
    I am requesting for a quotation of solar DC system from 10w to the big you have and also for the Ac generator.


  7. Adenaike Toba Reply

    Product Inquiry from West Africa

    My name is Toba Adenaike, “HEAD” Hybrid Power for Ziuss Energy & Power, a Nigerian company with very strong futuristic orientation, and a great after-sales service culture. I saw your products online and my company would be ready to partner with your organization.

    At Ziuss Energy & Power, we market cutting-edge power solutions from cradle to de-commissioning, we are concerned about the impact of our innovations on the environment. We so much believe that access to efficient power would be a critical factor for economic stability and dominance in Africa.

    We also share the belief that smart power solutions are achievable and can be put at the disposal of our people to drive enterprise and industry. We speak green, focused on leveraging the benefits associated with the unbundling of the nation’s energy sub-sector. Ziuss Energy and Power is committed to partnering with forward-thinking organizations in building a world anchored on sustainable development.

    We would love to know more about your products and appreciate if your products are available for our projects in Nigeria.

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